Invitation consultation local stakeholders from Bangalore in your due diligence

30 juni
30 juni 2022
14:30 tot 16:30

Valuable opportunity to involve relevant local stakeholders from Bangalore in your due diligence - invitation to stakeholder consultation on 30 June

Arisa and Mondiaal FNV - in collaboration with Modint and INretail – are organising a consultation with local stakeholders from Bangalore, focusing on Freedom of Association, gender-based violence and wages in the garment industry in Bangalore.  

-    For whom: INretail and Modint members that are sourcing garments from Bangalore and/or are interested in a dialogue with local stakeholders from India.
-    When: 30 June at 14.30 – 16.30
-    Where: Retailhuis, Office of INretail and Modint -  Arnhemse Bovenweg 100, Zeist (not possible to attend online)
-    Stakeholders present: Arisa, Cividep, Garment Labour Union, Mondiaal FNV
-    Language: English

Why this consultation?

Good due diligence always includes consulting stakeholders
Involving workers and the organizations that represent them is an essential part of your due diligence. We are therefore organising a consultation with two organisations with a long standing record in the Bangalore garment industry. Mrs. Rukmini, president of the Garment Labour Union (GLU) and Parvathi C. M. of the NGO Cividep will be visiting the INretail and Modint offices for a discussion on the local garment industry. Join the conversation and learn more about recent developments in the garment sector in Bangalore and human rights risks, in particular related to Freedom of Association, gender based violence and wages. 

Gaining input for an impact project in Bangalore
As part of the Factory Support Programme (a collective project initiated under the AGT) we are aiming to explore the possibilities for upscaling collective efforts to other production regions in India. Therefore Arisa and Mondiaal FNV, together with involved brands, Cividep and Garment Labour Union are in the process of setting up a pilot project in Bangalore. 

We believe your potential knowledge of, and experience with, sourcing from the Bangalore region would be very valuable for developing the pilot. It could also help build a potential future program that would involve more clothing and textile companies. 

If you have questions or topics that you would like to see addressed in this session, you will be able to share this with us through the registration form or send an email to Diewertje HeylAfter registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you all on 30 June in Zeist. Should you have any questions regarding this meeting, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Join us!

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