Chemical Management Training | 3 courses

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27 mei 2021

(with sufficient participation)

Chemicals are an important issue in how to deliver safer products, cleaner water and fresher air. To help our industry transforming their value chains in a way that benefit people and planet this training is developed. Participants get a good understanding on the issues related to the use of hazardous chemicals. Products such as the Restricted Substance List (RSL), Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) and Chemical Management Systems (CMS) will be explained.

The MRSL differs from a RSL because it restricts hazardous substances potentially used and discharged into the environment during manufacturing, not just those substances that could be present in finished products. The MRSL takes into consideration both process and functional chemicals used to make products, as well as chemicals used to clean equipment and facilities. It addresses ANY chemical used within the four walls of a manufacturing facility.

Every course will be tailor-made and adapted to the level and need of the specific group.

These trainings are either online, in one of our classrooms or in company (on demand).

  • Group trainings (different participants from different companies).
  • One on one training (different participants from one company)
  • Online training (different participants from one company and including the suppliers)

There will be a test or exam at the end of the training. When a participant scores sufficient on the test he or she will receive a Modint certificate for the first course and a ZDHC certificate for the second course. The courses can be done separately.

Serge Léon & Jaap van der Meer

Target group
The training will consist of three different tracks and is mainly aimed on Dutch SME-companies in the Fashion and Textile industry. When applicable we can address specifics for Signatories of the Agreement on Sustainable Garment and Textiles, VIVO members, I&W project members etc.

  • The first course is developed for brands, importers & retailers and focusing on processing steps and related subjects such as legal requirements, beyond legal requirements (compliance) and introduction to chemical management.
  • The second course is aimed at the supply chain actors of the brands, importers & retailers and focusing on topics such as MRSL, ZDHC tools, wastewater treatment, eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals.
  • The third course is developed for Wet Processing facilities (Environmental managers, Chemical storage managers, inhouse chemists. EHS managers), CMT (EHS managers), ETP operators. With focus on Focus on MRSL, chemical procurement, wastewater treatment, safer chemistry, innovations and process management.

Brands, importers & retailers can also participate in the supply chain training and vice-versa.

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Course 1 | Modint | Compliance and beyond 

3 x 2.5 hours | € 250,- for Modint members | € 450,- for non members

Target group
Purchasing companies: Brands, Retailers; Sourcing, Product Management, CR managers.

Learning goals (output)
The participants learn about RSL, an introduction and legal requirements. How to control your product and the next steps that can be taken to work on Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals in your supply chain.

Part 1: Wet processing

  • Introduction Chemical Management
    • Facts & Figures: Wet processing, impact (waste)water, chemicals & energy
  • Introduction to wet processing
    • Pre-treatment
    • Coloring (direct, vat, indigo etc)
    • Finishing (coating, laminating etc)
    • Garment treatment
    • Denim processing
    • Washing
    • Printing
  • Q & A

Part 2: Chemicals

  • Intro on the use of (restricted hazardous) chemicals Explanation of hazardous substances
    • Example of recall (legislation on end product)
    • Example of heavily used chemicals in processing, impact on environment
  • Legislation related to the end product and processing (existing and upcoming: REACH en POP)
  • Restricted Substances List, a custom-made tool to guide suppliers 
  • Beyond legislation: Corporate Responsibility
    • Due Diligence
    • Risks related to chemicals
    • Mitigating risks
    • Q & A

Part 3: Chemical management

  • Chemical management in the supply chain
    • Guidance for purchasing companies for responsible processing and OHS – Occupational Health & Safety
    • Example of a roadmap to implement chemical management beyond product legislation:
    • Water, Energy & Chemicals in Responsible Business conduct
    • (Wet) Processing standards, certifications
      • Oekotex, STEP, Blue sign etc
      • ZDHC, BEPI, Higg (FEM)
    • Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (General introduction)
  • Conclusion: Implementing chemical management in your company
  • Next step, action plan
  • Q & A

For more information contact : Miriam Geelhoed  / Marieke Kuper 


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