DD & Public Communication: How to be honest, clear, correct and relevant

10 juni
10 juni 2021
10:30 tot 12:00
Soort: Online

Free for Modint Purchase and Production CR members and en AGT signatories

Why is external communication about CSR so important? What is expected of you according to the OECD guidelines and is how can you comply with the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) guidelines? In this webinar we will guide you through the background, obligations and guidelines on sustainability communication. With practical tips and many examples that also show you how to make it fun.

Topics covered

  • Communicating in line with OECD guidelines
  • ACM guidelines
  • Green transition EU


Fleur Meerman - Senior Policy Advisor - secretariat AGT
Miriam Geelhoed - Consultant  - Modint
Joan van Ee - Communication advisor - Modint

Please note that the meeting will only take place in case of sufficient participation

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