If you are a Modint member you also have the right to use GINETEX care symbols in your products.

Worldwide licence for use of the Ginetex symbols, including Clevercare.


GINETEX is a textile care labelling system based on symbols:


Find more information about the symbols here.

The pictograms used are registered trademarks in most countries. Modint membership includes the worldwide license for use of the GINETEX symbols.

GINETEX care labelling

GINETEX devised an internationally applicable care labelling system for textiles based on symbols. The care labelling system provides consumers and textile companies with the correct information on how to care for textile products. The process indicated by the symbols avoids any irreversible damage to the product. This is of great importance for the brand value and perception of your product. Modint provides guidance of the required information, so this is accessible and clear for consumers and professional cleaners. Modint also provides guidance regarding other required information on textile labels, generally required by national or international regulations.

You will receive information about the correct implementation of the care labelling symbols as a technical guidance and the official symbols in digital format.

GINETEX care symbols:

•    Symbols in JPEG en EPS format
•    Symbols as TrueType font

Modint Module Safety & Compliance: Labelling

Modint provides expert advice on textile labelling. We will answer your questions, scan your label and help you labelling requirements when entering new markets. We are very well informed and up to date regarding requirements relevant for labelling textile products. Our expertise saves time and can prevent non compliances. We also have a comprehensive database of relevant texts in 40 languages.


For more information contact

Antonio Barberi -
Miriam Geelhoed  - 


Sustainable garment care

Do you want to inform the wearer of your product also about a sustainable way of caring for your textile product? Use the additional Clevercare symbol on the care label.

The Clevercare website provides tips and information on how to:
•           Maintain the quality of the product
•           Prolong the lifespan
•           Lower energy and water usage
•           Lower the CO2 print of the use

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