Modint bAwear Score


Gain insight into the ecological footprint of textile products, using the Modint bAwear Score. The tool can be used in various ways in the business process.



Do you want a quick insight into the impact of a product and compare it with another? For example because you chose a better material using the Modint Fiber Matrix or another printing technique? Then use YourQuestion to make this comparison. This can provide a basis for better choices at the start of the development process. Within YourQuestion, options regarding the most influential factors on environmental impact are entered in the tool, in order to make a comparison of two products.



Calculate with YourQuestion


If there is a need for a more detailed calculation of your own supply chain and more detailed insights, YourScenario is the suitable option. Data from the chain can be supplied in various ways. The calculation model links materials, processes and production.

YourScenario offers a complete LCA report of your product in 5 steps:

1) Start conversation with our experts

2) Data collection by your company

3) Review data by our experts

4) Data processing and calculation

5) Standard or personal LCA report


More information or calculation? 



YourHotspot (available in 2022)

Specific insight into the hotspots of your supply chain can be obtained with YourHotspot. After calculation, you will receive a personal report on, for example, CO2 footprint or energy consumption of a certain process or part of your supply chain.

Cost per calculation

YourQuestion: €50,- (a comparison of two products)

YourScenario: €300,-

YourHotspot: €150,-


YourQuestion calculations are paid with credits, these are deducted from the credits from your account on bAwear Score.

YourScenario and YourHotspot calculation are invoiced afterwards.

When purchasing a bundle of credits, the price per credit is lower, for more information about the prices : see below 

Modint members get a 5% discount on all calculations

Modint CR members receive an additional 2.5% discount. This extra benefit is settled annually.


Questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us at



How do I create an account?

You can create an account on this page. 

What are the costs?

YourQuestion: €50,- (a comparison of two products)

YourScenario: €300,-

YourHotspot: €150,-

These are prizes per calculation

The YourQuestion calculation is paid with credits, these are deducted from the credits in your account.

A YourQuestion calculation costs 1 credit.

When purchasing a bundle of credits, the price per credit is lower:

YourScenario and YourHotspot calculation will be invoiced afterwards.

Number of credits prize per credit (€)
1 50,00
10 45,00
50 37,50
100 32,50
250 25,00





How does the discount for Modint members work?

We offer a special 5% discount for Modint members on all calculations. The discount is automatically applied when you indicate that you are affiliated with Modint when registering your account in the partners field of bAwear Score.

Modint CR members receive an additional 2,5% discount. This extra benefit is settled annually by Modint.


Can I also get help filling out the tool?

Yes that is possible. Please contact us at


What is an LCA?

LCA stands for Life Cycle Analysis. This is a method for mapping the impact of products and human activities on the environment. Special calculation models are used for this.


What is the difference with the Modint Ecotool?

Using the Modint EcoTool, Modint can calculate the environmental impact of textile products (indicative) for you. The Modint Ecotool is based on PAS 2050 guidelines from 2011. Because impact calculations make up an increasingly important part of the business process or serve as a basis for communication, we think it is important that the tools are accessible.


With the Modint bAwear Score you can make a calculation that fits your needs and the data you have available. By offering an online tool, which is supported by leading LCA software, we have made a big step in making more accurate calculations available. Up-to-date source data has been used, so that, for example, new innovative materials can be calculated. By using a dynamic model, new data will be added on a regular basis. The impact calculation is based on the Recipe 2016 method (midpoint).

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