Trade Policy & Customs

Within the field of trade politics you can expect us to take a position on developments regarding WTO, free trade agreements (e.g. TTIP, TPP), import duties, anti-dumping measures, etcetera. We will provide our members with custom scans (purchasing, transit, sales), advising you of the advantages and risks, depending on your specific sourcing strategy and other factors. In addition, we organize workshops and meetings on topics such as new free trade agreements, the new EU custom code or the procedure regarding sample shipments. We have a high-level national and international network in which we raise issues on behalf of our members. 

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Trade Policy & Customs Update nr. 1, 22

Abolition of industrial tariffs in Switzerland on January 1st, 2024 - February 17th, 2022


Trade Policy & Customs Update nr. 1, 21

Laatste ontwikkelingen Rex - 18 februari 2021

Trade Policy & Customs Update nr. 4, 20

Brexit chaos dreigt voor e-commerce - December 8, 2020
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