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Corporate Responsibility Update nr. 4, 2021

How change is needed for recovery - April 22nd, 2021 How change is needed for recovery Reflecting on the past

China & South East Asia Update nr. 3, 21

Coup continues to disrupt Made in Myanmar garments - May 21st, 2021 China Chinese Factories Raising Prices on Apparel and

Corporate Responsibility Update nr. 5, 2021

Manadory Due Diligence: What is coming? - June 18th, 2021 Due Diligence Ministerie IenW omarmt UPV voorstel sector Due diligence

China & South East Asia Update nr. 4, 21

Why Bestseller, H&M and Primark are resuming sourcing in Myanmar China China’s price rise threatens recovery of western apparel markets 

Corporate Responsibility Update nr. 6, 2021

Updated Modint tools for CR members Recently, the European Parliament approved a legislative initiative report on mandatory due diligence .

Corporate Responsibility Update nr. 7, 2021

The Next Generation Agreement, DSFW and other events coming up! - 31 augustus 2021 Follow up of the Dutch Agreement:

Boss en C&A verdedigen zich tegen beschuldigingen van uitbuiting van Oeigoeren

13-09-21 Sector Inaugural lecture troy nachtigall | professor of fashion research & technology Bedrijven Spaans modemerk laat personeel stemmen over

Newsletter Buying & Production nr. 8, 2021

France: Publication of the TRIMAN decree – more on ‘sorting info’ - September 13th, 2021 Safety & compliance UKCA certification

China & South East Asia Update nr. 5, 21

Sourcing by garment brands increasingly moving out of China: ILO - September 16th, 2021 China China to set up new

Sectorprognose ABN AMRO retail: In 2022 weer op pre-coronaniveau

16-09-21 Event Dutch sustainabale Fashion Week 23-29 september Sector Winkeliers: afschaffen 1,5 meter-regel steun in rug  Sectorprognose ABN AMRO retail:
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