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Wat is het minimum leefbaar loon in productielanden en wat zijn de prijzen van katoen en olie? Wij beschikken over

About sourcing

We will keep you up to date with any information regarding issues in the most important production counties, like minimum

Sourcing overview: including heatmap, government responses & countries news

Countries Update, June 2020 Please read in the pdf below our sourcing overview. In this pdf you will find the

Current status on Covid-19 measures in sourcing countries

Countries update, May 2020 Please read in the pdf below our sourcing overview. In this pdf you will find the

Better Factories Cambodia launches Covid-19 worker helpline & Corona tracker worldwide

Countries update Please find below in the pdf the last updated version of our sourcing overview with the latest information

Sustainable Sourcing | use the due diligence tool

The Due Diligence Tool has been developed to help garment and textile companies to determine the risks in their supply

News on China & Myanmar minimum wages

February 2020 Enclosed our Minimum Wages overview. Click below to find minimum wage sourcing countries and the updates in the

Webmeetings, new Due diligence project, DSFW and Due Diligence legislation

Corporate Responsibility Update nr 5, 2020 If you prefer to read the PDF version please click below. Dear readers,  Next

What's Up - Vraag subsidie praktijkleren 2019/2020 aan

17 juli 2020 Sector Vraag subsidie praktijkleren 2019/2020 aan Vanaf 1 juli 2020 t/m 16 sept 2020 moet de aanvraag

UKFT: Government announces new approach customs procedures January 1st 2021

Trade Policy and Customs Alert nr. 2, 2020 News Vietnam approves trade deal with EU Vietnam’s National Assembly has approved
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