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27 mei

Chemical Management Training | 3 courses

(with sufficient participation) Introduction Chemicals are an important issue in how to deliver safer products, cleaner water and fresher air.

Difficulties sourcing (organic) cotton

Many fashion and textile companies have set sustainability goals for 2021 and onwards. Using more sustainable raw materials in their

Position Paper Embedding Due Diligence

The global apparel industry is an industry of more than 1.5 trillion US dollars. It is widely dispersed geographically and taking the full supply

What's Up - Voorstel kabinet: betaaltermijn grootbedrijf aan mkb 30 dagen

18-03-21 Event Responsible business conduct in the Netherlands and Italy - 25th of March 15:00-16:30 (zoom) - Please register here   Sector

Circular Update nr. 1, 21

UPV in hoofdlijnen in bespreking - 6 april 2021 UPV (Uitgebreide Producenten Verantwoordelijkheid) in hoofdlijnen in bespreking Hierbij weer een

China & South East Asia Update nr. 2, 21

Latest news on Xinjiang and Myanmar - April 13th, 2021 China Xinjiang cotton: H&M and Nike’s differing fates hold lessons
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