Modint partners with K3|pebblestone

28-03-2022 - K3|pebblestone and Modint teamed up to make things easier for the users of the software. K3|pebblestone allows the use of the original care symbols of GINETEX (ISO 3758), including Clevercare as part of the K3|pebblestone setup wizard.

Users can simply enter the setup wizard and check mark the textile care symbols they require and they will be displayed with their products.



GINETEX is a textile care labelling system based on symbols:

The care labelling system provides consumers and textile companies with the correct information on how to care for textile products. The process indicated by the symbols avoids any irreversible damage to the product. This is of great importance for the brand value and perception of your product.

The pictograms used are registered trademarks in most countries. Modint membership includes the worldwide license for use of the GINETEX symbols.

Find more about the GINETEX care labelling system 


For more information contact Antonio Barberi Ettaro:  or Miriam Geelhoed