About Modint

Building a valuable and healthy future for the fashion and textile sector We provide our members with knowledge and advice, offer a network and represent their interests with lobby in The Hague and Brussels.

We provide our members with knowledge and advice, offer a network and represent their interests with lobby in The Hague and Brussels.

Modint is the trade association for manufacturers and suppliers in the fashion and textile industry. Together with more than 400 members, we are building a valuable future for our sector by making a positive contribution to tackling relevant and social themes and by renewing and expanding the market. The available technological knowledge, commercial spirit and creativity are used for this. Together we design a route to sustainable development of the sector. Modint stimulates, facilitates, connects, and protects our clothing and textile sector.

Modint has an important  social value. It contributes to the economic importance, cultural heritage, creative and commercial spirit of the Netherlands. Modint designs a route to the future and offers its members more value than traditional lobbying and individual services. Modint focuses on the future market of its members: which contributes to a good  sustainable development of the sector. We do this together with members and with other stakeholders.


We are active for the sectors:

* WorkWear      
* Textile
* Fashion
* Carpet
* Interior
* Knitwear

These are our main strategic issues: 


Corporate Responsibility
Modint believes that clothing and textile companies only have a future if CSR is part of their business operations. With our extensive knowledge, we help our members with corporate social responsibility and reduce the impact on the environment.

Human Capital
Modint is committed to an attractive sector with a good social policy. We provide legal advice, help with training, and inform our members about, among other things, pension, collective labor agreement and the RI&E. There are tailor-made health and safety insurance and absenteeism solutions for members.

(Inter)national trade
Modint is a partner and expert in all areas of international trade. From legal contracts and customs matters to quality marks and labeling. The Modint Delivery and Payment Conditions offer protection both at home and abroad.

Modint helps members strengthen their innovative power. We manifest ourselves towards and contribute to research, education, and governmental programs to make the economic, technological and social contributions of the clothing and textile sector more visible.

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