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Your product. The core and raison d'ĂȘtre of your company. An optimal product is realized with the right care. Modint is one of the best informed knowledge centers in Europe in the field of clothing and textiles. We are happy to pass this knowledge on to our members.

This advice package consists of five core areas:

  • Safety & Compliance
  • Sourcing
  • Quality & Sizing
  • Trade Policy & Customs
  • Corporate Responsibility

We provide

  • Advice on and use of GINETEX maintenance symbols
  • Alerts on the relevant topics: We regularly inform you about new developments, changes in legislation, recalls and important themes.
  • Our members can use the Modint rates for various tests through Bureau Veritas throughout their entire supply chain
  • Workshops & Training

Safety & Compliance

Modint is one of the best-informed centers of knowledge in Europe in the field of global laws and regulations for clothing and textiles. This includes product safety and compliance with legislation, such as labeling. We advise both strategically and practically, for example through individual advice or workshops. Online, offline and, where possible, in-house.

  • Strategy
  • General product safety
  • Children’s clothing safety
  • Chemical management (RSL / REACH)
  • Fire safety
  • Labeling / Labeling
  • Communication
  • Testing
  • Support labelling obligations EU EPR


Do you want to be informed about the minimum wages of the main sourcing countries and the prices of cotton and oil? Then you've come to the right place at Modint. We have information and reports on almost all countries and sectors in the world and we can provide you with specific information.

We can also help you search for new suppliers through our own network or by alerting you to sourcing missions. Think of countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Portugal, Tunisia, and Morocco. We will also keep you informed of other matchmaking events.

The news Updates you will receive when you purchase the Sourcing package:

• Africa (excluding Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt)

• Bangladesh

• China (Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Myanmar)

• Europe (including Turkey and Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt)

• India (including Pakistan, Sri Lanka)

• Minimum wages in sourcing countries

• Raw materials (cotton and synthetic fibers)


General purachase conditions: For ready made and CMT.


Quality & Sizing

Modint helps with your strategy in the field of quality and sizing. For example, by helping to set up a good quality management system. This is the basis for clear agreements about, for example, quality and sizing, both internally and with suppliers and customers.

We advise and give workshops on topics such as the following:

  • Strategy
  • Quality manual
  • Quality & testing
  • Dimensions
  • Communication
  • Quality requirements and testing
  • We are happy to scan the collection for quality

We do this through:

  • A training, collection scan, risk analysis and advice on internal systems / procedures and external communication towards suppliers.
  • Setting up a test procedure, including an AQL (Accepted Quality Level).
  • Setting up technical reports in disputes between you and your supplier / customer.


Modint is specialized in body measurements and clothing and we are happy to help with strategic 'tailor-made' advice. For example, together with TNO we have developed Dutch body size tables (which you can purchase from us for a reduced amount) and we can also help with international data. We provide workshops, possibly in the form of in-house training, on everything a global player needs to know about sizing. If extra support is needed at product level, such as adjusting patterns, we can use very good freelancers for an affordable rate.


Quality & Sizing alert

With the sizing alert we regularly update our members on global developments such as standardization, body measurement studies, developments in 3D software and applications. This is to support companies which dimensions should be applied to optimally serve the target group.


Bureau Veritas

Testing clothing and textiles can be expensive. That is why we have competitive rates in chemical testing especially for our members by entering into a partnership with Bureau Veritas. A large, prominent, international testing institute. The benefit scheme does not only apply to testing by members themselves, but also to their entire supply chain.


Trade Policy & Customs

  • Modint provides you with customs scans (purchasing, transit, sales) and points out specific benefits and risks. In addition, you can expect us to have a clear picture of import duties, tariffs and anti-dumping campaigns. We adapt our advice to your sourcing strategy and you can always contact us with questions.
  • Modint provides advice on classifying goods (HS codes) or handling sample shipments, we help you with customs issues and permits and licenses. In addition, Modint has an extensive national and international network of, among others, freelancers who can help with practical questions regarding the theme of customs matters and developments.
  • For example, Modint informs about developments in various Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), EU General system of Preferences (GSP), import and export tariffs, rules of origin, anti-dumping.
  • In practice, Modint helps to look ahead to see whether import duties will change for productions that are carried out outside the EU, for example. Think of productions in Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam or closer to home CMT operations in Morocco and Tunisia where semi-materials are shipped to those countries.
  • In 2024, the revision of the European Customs Code (UCC) will also take place, in which, among other things, thresholds below which VAT and import duties do not have to be paid will be adjusted.
  • Sale to the UK (Brexit and new trade agreement between the EU and the UK).
  • Current affairs (Red Sea developments, sales to Russia, etc.). Possibility to participate in meetings organized by VNO NCW on such current affairs.
  • Direct connection with logistical questions and solutions.
  • The Trade Policy and Customs Alert highlights current affairs.

Corporate Responsibility

The Modint Corporate Responsibility (CR) team is an expert in the field of corporate responsibility. We help with making a strategic plan and with the implementation of the objectives. We go for an integrated approach, so that sustainability is not separate from the broad business strategy, product quality and legislation.

Modint is an initiator and signatory of the Agreement Sustainable Clothing and Textiles. Based on this experience, we support companies in determining and implementing a long-term CSR plan.

The importance of a Corporate Responsibility policy that matches your general business operations is increasing. Modint assists in making a strategic plan and in the implementation of the objectives. The integrated approach is special, so that sustainability is not separate from your business strategy, product quality and legislation.

Together we look at the desired objectives and which ones fit in with business operations. The subjects are:

  • Social compliance & verification
  • Sustainable products (design & fabrics)
  • Sustainable processes (water, energy, chemicals, transport, packaging)
  • Head office & retail
  • Communication

Company-specific support by Modint could include drawing up a Code of Conduct, advice on strategic decisions regarding CR policy choices, practical documents and risk analyzes by country and theme.



In the field of Circularity, Modint occupies a leading position. Consider the following options:

  • General strategic and operational advice on developments in circular textiles.
  • Calculating environmental benefits with Modint Ecotool if desired in collaboration with REMO
  • Circo / Circle Economy training on circular design and business models
  • The MODINT sustainable materials guide and suppliers list (link webshop?)

Support possible in the collaboration / collective:

Information, knowledge, and cooperation network of circular textile stakeholders: platform Circular Textiles and Update Circular Textiles

Mobilizing policy support for the sector in the context of the Circular Economy transition agenda Consumer goods: DCTV - Dutch Circular Textile Valley.


 We support with

  • Help with implementation of the covenant
  • Water, energy, and chemical reduction in the supply chain
  • Materials analysis & purchase of sustainable materials as well as certifications.


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