The Modint membership offers many advantages for the day-to-day operations and the growth of your company. The basis for this is formed by the powerful network of more than 500 affiliated companies: producers and suppliers in the branches: carpet, fashion, interior, textiles, and corporate clothing. From international companies to creative start-ups. Modint is the business network of manufacturers, importers, agents and wholesalers in clothing, fashion accessories, carpets and (interior) textiles.

What do we offer?

1. Knowledge

Modint is strong in the provision of information. Members receive customized updates on relevant topics and / or sectors. For example, from all aspects of purchasing & production to news from the carpet sector. We have a knowledge base with reports and publications that are relevant to our members.

2. Advice

We use our broad knowledge to develop products and useful tools, organize meetings and advise members and answer their questions. An answer is sought for every question that comes in.

3. Lobby

Modint represents the interests of the sector with the government, politicians, the Agreement on Sustainable Clothes and Textile, NGOs, MBO and UAS schools, universities, etc. This is expressed in participation in projects such as Texenergy and Biotex Fieldlab, consultation within the MITT professional council for the CAO. Negotiations are underway with the government on a Clothing and Textile policy program aimed at circularity and broad (social) sustainability. We also play a pioneering role in the Dutch Circular Textile Valley. This iconic project is a prominent part of the transition agenda for consumer goods of the national government.

4. Network

Modint is an informal meeting place for members and stakeholders. The office in the woods of Zeist is open to all members. Whether it concerns a work meeting, round table discussions of the various sectors (including Round Table Carpet) or knowledge meetings, the Modint Meetings

5. Advantage

Modint offers a wide range of inexpensive and interesting schemes so that you can benefit significantly every year. This way the contribution is quickly recouped. Through (legal) advice, tools, information provision, our expert employees, the network, accessibility and conviviality, our collective spirit, attracting funds and resources, translating government policy into readable language and actions and strengthening our sector tools to do what you are good at, doing business.

The benefits of your membership

  • Representation of interests at national and European level
  • Expert advice and source of information for your daily business operations
  • Collaboration in groups for innovation and business development
  • Industry-oriented Information and support, whether for specific sectors such as the VNTL (carpet industry) and DWW (corporate clothing)
  • Support for international business: knowledge and opportunities
  • Theme and expert meetings. Meet our experts, be surprised by experts, and contribute to the development of the field.
  • Customized digital information provision
  • Collective benefits on insurance, logistics, health & safety, credit & finance, trademark law, collective energy purchasing and help with finding and applying for subsidies
  • Exerting influence on the Collective Labor Agreement through voting rights

Modint has the right membership for every company. Tailored to the specific needs of the entrepreneur and to be completed according to your own preference.

Our partners for collective advantages

Modint Logistics

Modint Logistics was founded with partner Greenway Logistics; its aim is to organise and offer logisticsconcepts in the field of sustainabilityand innovation. Logistics discount
arrangements are agreed upon with logistics service suppliers to reduce logistics costs for the members of Modint. Horizontal collaboration is the key to lower cost.
All initiatives of Modint Logistics are aimed at taking costs out of the chain.

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Modint Credit & Finance

Modint Credit & Finance is a European company in the field of credit management and market leader in the sector of fashion, sportswear & equipment, shoes, textiles and home & living. We offer high quality services such as accounts receivable management, debt collection, credit insurance, trade credit & factoring and credit checks. From offices in the Netherlands and Germany, we assist clients in more than 10 different countries. Belgium and Denmark are our 2nd ‘homeland’.

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Modint Insurance 

Modint Insurance is set up by Modint with the aim of offering good quality insurance at a very competitive premium. You can go to one service where insurance specialists can help you with all your insurance questions. We offer solid solutions in the field of insurance, but also matters such as prevention measures and a regular analysis of the insurance portfolio consisting of Modint Absenteeism Package, Modint Commercial insurance, and Modint Private insurance.

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Find out more about education and professional training

Modint Academy

Would you like to learn something about within the field of the Fashion, Interior, Carpet or Textile industry?
Do you want to choose where and when? We have an extensive subject-specific (digital) offer.
Various e-learning that can be taken individually or in a study program. Prefer customization?
Or combine e-learning with a practical workshop? Then contact Marieke Kuper