Circular Design Lunch Café - Powered by ClickNL

13 september
13 september 2022
12:15 tot 14:00

Which design choice do you make to enlarge the impact of circularity? 
During the first day of the Circular Textile Days on September 13 you are welcome to visit an interactive Lunch Café where keynote speakers and the audience interact. Various topics will be discussed such as the decisions you make as a company, how companies can approach the product more circularly, what responsibility partners in the textile chain have, what impact do these choices have on the price and the business model and how do we deal with trend. We especially like to invite SME entrepreneurs to participate in the Lunch Café. Click here to find out who our great speakers are.

If you only want to attend the Circular Design Lunchcafé - Powered by CLICKNL on September 13 at 12.15 hrs. and do not want to visit the Circular Textile Days itself, please send an email to Rens Tap or Corien Beks.

For many years NL NextFashion and Textiles and Modint work closely together with in organising “Powered by ClickNL” meetings where SME’s and researchers discuss topics related to the innovation themes which are decisive for the future of the creative industries. Read more>>

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