Sustainable Sourcing | use the due diligence tool

The tool contains: Leading documents, studies, training, projects and indexes on social and environmental risks in the garment & textile sector

  • Modint collaborated with Unicef and collected information from 11 other organisations, mostly parties of the Agreement Sustainable Garment and Textile
  • More than dan 150 leading documents, studies, training, projects and indexes
  • ‘At a glance’ risk matrix for 16 production countries


The tool provides the following information:

1) Due Diligence Documents & Tools: Documents, general studies, workshops and tools, categorised by theme.

2) Risks per country: Overview of risks and indexes per production country, categorised by theme.

3) Projects in Production Country: Overview of projects in production countries, categorised by theme.

4) Country Reports: Overview of reports for specific countries, categorised by country.



Free for  signatories Sustainable Garment and Textile Sector agreement and/or Modint MVO members

€ 195,- ex VAT for Modint members

€ 295,- ex VAT for non Modint members


If you would like to order this tool please send us an email.