Modint fiber matrix – Guiding towards circularity

24 juni
24 juni 2021
10:30 tot 12:00
Soort: Online
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On the 24th of June, Modint organizes a webinar, powered by CLICKNL, to tell you all about the importance of choosing more sustainable raw materials and how to get started, using our newly developed Fiber Matrix, guiding fashion and textile entrepreneurs towards circularity.


Part 1: Modint x Leontine Wagenaar
80% of a products environmental impact is determined at the design stage. This means, this is a great place to start making decisions that positively change this impact. Miriam Geelhoed (expert sustainability and transparency at Modint) and Leontine Wagenaar (Spizes, designer) will provide you with the latest insights and examples of choices that can be made at different stages of the design process. 

Part 2: Modint x Natascha van der Velden
In 2020 Modint initiated the ‘Modint Fiber Matrix’. A practical and easy-to-understand tool for buyers and designers to support them in picking more sustainable options when choosing fiber materials, and to ultimately guide you towards circular products.
We are glad to announce that we have further developed our Matrix. On the 24th of June Nikki Bosboom (Expert sustainable materials at Modint) will present the outcome, how to use, and how to get access . Natascha van der Velden (independent researcher and LCA expert) peer reviewed the methodology behind the matrix and will give her expert view.

Part 3: Expert panel: Leontine Wagenaar, Natascha van der Velden, Rachel Cannegieter (Rethink Rebels), Anton Luiken (Alcon Advies)
The Modint Fiber Matrix is developed in conjunction with Rethink Rebels and Alcon Advies. At the end of our webinar you will get the chance to ask them, and our other speakers anything related sustainable and circular materials and design!

About our speakers

Leontine Wagenaar - Spizes:
Leontine Wagenaar, is an international operating fashion consultant. With her agency Spizes she offers concept and product development for the fashion industry. She has 30 years experience in design consultancy for commercial fashion retailers and brands. Working with local suppliers in far east, managing the sample production process and work with foreign cultures. Her key skills are:  Customized trend concepts & Storytelling, relevant for your brand. Setting up clear design-guidelines linked to a brand identity and product range.  Guidance and mentoring programs for overseas design teams. Connecting and reconnecting people.

Dr. ir. Natascha M. van der Velden PhD
She is and independent researcher with a background as an industrial design engineer educated at the Delft University of Technology and with specific expertise in sustainable textiles and fashion. During her career, at first as a (business/product) manager and later as a (PhD and post-doc) researcher, she has been working with many different companies, institutes and educations in varying roles and interdisciplinary environments. Her focus is on sustainable clothing development from a life cycle perspective, combining eco-design with life cycle assessment (LCA).

Rachel Cannegieter – Rethink Rebels:
We are rebels who rethink. We need our planet more than the planet needs us. It is time to take action, and fast. Therefore, we accelerate circular change by helping retailers, brands, and makers to fully integrate circular approaches within their strategy, operations, and communication. We help you with sustainability consultancy, transparent communication, circularity pilots, sustainability coaching, as a speaker, online masterclasses, and a community. Rethink Rebels is founded by Rachel Cannegieter, a firm believer in the power of one, with a vision: to make the fashion industry a leader in responsible consumption and production. Our approach to sustainable fashion is to make it personal, fun, easy to understand, and supported by a group of changemakers. 

Anton Luiken – Alcon Advies:
Anton Luiken worked at TNO for 22 years. In this period, he gained a lot of experience related to innovations in the textile and carpet industry. He specialized in sustainability in general with a focus on high added value textile recycling. In 2008 he founded Alcon Advies in order to assist companies to put sustainability in practice. Alcon Advies advises companies and organisations in making choices regarding textile materials and products. The consultancy of Alcon Advies is based on extensive expertise acquired over the course of 30 years of experience in textile research and a broad international network. Advices from Alcon Advies are not always reflecting the main stream opinions with respect to sustainability, but are always based on facts and figures from reliable sources instead. So no greenwashing as seen often by companies for marketing reasons.

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