Modint Fiber Matrix

On the June 24, 2021 Modint presented the newly developed Modint Fiber Matrix (MFM). The development of the tool and the webinar was made possible by CLICKNL.


The background report for the Modint Fiber Matrix is available as of August 2nd 2021. In this report we describe the origin of the tool, the developed methodology (including used parameters and data) and provide examples of use.

Please click here to order the free report. If you have any questions please contact Miriam Geelhoed or Aisha Talacua.


The MFM is a practical and easy-to-understand tool which guides designers, buyers and other decision makers in their process of making better material choices. A very important aspect of the MFM is that the rating of the fibres is based on a circular model.

The tool was developed by Modint in cooperation with Rachel Cannegieter (Rethink Rebels) and Anton Luiken (Alcon Advies) and peer reviewed by Dr. ir. Natascha M. van der Velden PhD.

During the webinar we also discussed circular design strategies and this was complemented with valuable information and inspiration by design experts Leontine Wagenaar en Ton Reijnhoudt. We explained how to use the MFM in your design strategy and concluded the webinar with a Q&A.

The Modint Fiber Matrix is freely available.


Modint Fiber Matrix: Generic fibers


Modint Fiber Matrix: Examples of fibers from specific suppliers and/or their brand names or relevant certifications. 


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